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Abode Settlement Group

Abode Settlement Group, LLC is a full-service Real Estate Closings, Title Insurance, and Escrow Firm covering all of Maryland, D.C., and Virgina.  Olivia Surge, the owner of Abode, has 18 years experience in the industry and endeavor to create a customer oriented comfortable and easy settlement experience for her Clients and Customers. 

Why you need a Title Company
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Expert Title Examination

Title searches sometimes fail to reveal title problems such as improper transfers, fraud, undisclosed heirs, incorrect marital status and human error in transcribing title information. But a compliance-driven title company will perform comprehensive title searches, examine title-related issues closely to determine the exact status of each title and address potential problems that could arise from certain title defects.

Financial Stability

Financial strength is another reason why you should opt for a compliance-driven title company. Using a company that has enough financial resources is critical to ensure it will defend you against claims covered by the policy and reimburse you for loss resulting from hidden defects in the title.

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By using such an amazing company, you'll benefit from diligent title search, closing and escrow work, which will save you a lot of money.