Home Repairs: Do’s and Don’ts before listing your property.

    You’ve decided to sell your home. Your neighbor just made a huge profit off selling their property, however they DID spend a nice chunk of change on their renovation. What does this mean for you?.


    Fortunately, full-scale remodels aren’t required to sell your home. Sure, 

    a home reno might fetch more money, but it’s not always worth the time and effort. 

    So how do you know what’s worth fixing up? Here are the do’s and don’ts of pre-listing home renovations:



    • Fix trip hazards throughout (and around) the home. Uneven flooring and sidewalks, broken stairs and off-kilter ramps aren’t just noticeable to touring buyers; they’re a downright danger. 
    • Fix pet damage and lingering odors. Scratches on doors, torn window screens and holes in the yard will only make buyers wary of further pet damage on the property.
    • Fix water stains. Even if you’ve fixed the pipes or plumbing issues, buyers may still worry about mildew or mold problems.


    • Make partial updates to older kitchens and baths. Mixing old and new elements only highlights the age of the space. You need to commit to a full upgrade or let the buyer do a comprehensive remodel on their own.
    • Decorate the home with trendy or bold colors. Neutral colors photograph better, make the space look larger and help buyers reimagine the house with their belongings. Bold and bright colors do the opposite.
    • Renovate beyond what your neighbors have done. Buyers are going to offer what comparable sales suggest, no matter how much money you’ve poured into remodeling.

    Are you ready? Contact us today and we can make a plan on selling your property!

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