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Final Walk Through

The final walkthrough isn’t the time to dispute things that should’ve been covered in the negotiations or in the inspection. Instead, focus on things that may have changed, elements that might have been damaged and repairs that should have been made. Here are 45 questions for a final walkthrough that should help homebuyers feel at ease going into closing.

What should be on your final walk through checklist:

  1. Tour the property

  2. Verify final repairs, if any

  3. Check for all items included in the sale

  4. Carefully inspect the bathrooms, including running the water and flushing toilets

  5. Review the condition of the kitchen

  6. Test all the appliances

  7. Try out the heating and air conditioning

  8. Test the electrical system

  9. Look for signs and pests

Reasons to do these things during a final walk through:

  • You are ensuring the home is in the condition the seller agreed to leave it in.

  • The final walkthrough identifies any issues before you close on the house.

  • Following a checklist can help you stay focused on the task and keep you from overlooking something.

  • If the home is occupied, ask the previous owners questions and exchange contact information.

When is the final walkthrough?

Typically, you'll do the final walkthrough after the seller has moved out and within about 24 hours prior to closing. It's designed to be a final chance for you to check that the home is delivered in the condition you expected before you sign off at the closing.

Hopefully, your walkthrough will be a stress-free experience from start to finish. With some proper planning and keen attention to detail, your walkthrough should provide you with exactly what you need the peace of mind to close on your new home!

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