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Window Treatments

Window treatments are often seen as an essential accessory to your room’s design. Draperies, shades, shutters, and blinds can enhance your view, provide privacy, let the light in, and keep the heat and cold out.

When selecting the right window treatments there are so many styles to choose from. Certain types of window treatments complement only certain types of windows. For example, you may love the dramatic look of long, pooling drapes, but that doesn’t mean they’ll suit your living room space.

Types of Window Treatments

  • Curtains

  • Roman Shades

  • Matching Valance and Pillows

  • Matchstick Shades

  • Pooling Drapes

  • Asymmetrical Curtains

  • Sheer Curtains

  • Top Down-Bottom up Shades

  • Valance in a heavy pattern

Think of a window treatment as the accoutrement that makes a room look polished, it's an accessory that ties the space together. Window treatments make a difference in a room, and allow you to have a visual impact. With so many prints, patterns, and colors, it really is all about finding a textile you love and running with it.

Window treatments are something that can be changed often, it is not the same as buying a sofa and having to stick with it. Changing up your curtains or drapes can be a low-cost way to create drama and interest in a room.

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