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The Radiant Home Group works with amazing professionals across this industry. Here are just a few below, please contact us directly for recommendations on inspectors, contractors and whichever trusted professionals you are in need of!

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Financing a home is one of the biggest commitments you will ever make - let us help guide you throughout the entire loan process from application to closing and beyond. 



Movement was created to be different. Founded in 2008, amidst one of the biggest financial meltdowns in American history, Movement set forth on a mission to create a Movement of Change in our industry, in corporate cultures and in communities. 

First, we pioneered a unique approach to home loans centered around helping homebuyers, quickly and easily. Then, we created a model so that our profit creates a long-term positive impact in communities both close to home and around the globe. 

For our borrowers, we commit to building relationships based on communication. We get it home loans can be confusing and stressful – But they don’t have to be. And we work to make sure they aren’t. 

It all comes back to our mission, to love and value people in everything we do.



You have the choice of more than a thousand lenders...



It’s important that you first understand who Mike is and what makes him a unique mortgage lender. Mike is a proud husband, father and decorated veteran. Besides his time spent serving aboard in the United States Navy, he has lived in the DMV his entire life. Like most working parents; outside of work, Mike raising children with his wife, coaching soccer and living out his family’s faith every day. Nothing is more important than family. While it’s not best practice to tell a potential client that there is something more important than them, it is important that you understand that HIS PASSION for his faith and family is what helps him understand YOUR PASSIONS for the same.


To most mortgage professionals, the client is a “deal” or a “transaction.” To Mike, you’re the person who trusts him to safeguard your interest, give you a better consumer experience, and be a trusted advisor so that your story can find the best possible happy ending. Remember, Mike is here to deliver results for you. You are the employer and he is the employee.


Feel free to reach out and see how unique and how special a partnership with Mike Bendebba and his team can be for you and your family.

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