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Are Awnings Still Popular?

Despite their lasting popularity, modern awning use has really dropped off in recent years. Some blame gentrification, others think that it’s just a shift in design sensibilities, but whatever the reason, there haven’t been nearly as many awnings in use for a decade or more. Is this a continuing trend, or is the use of awnings starting to turn around? What are the reasons that people might want to get awnings? While a lot of the use of awnings comes down to personal preference.

Why Aren't Awnings Used As Much?

A big contributor to this was the way that many awnings of the time were made from either aluminum or fiberglass. Though the materials were popular at the time, they didn’t translate well to changing design aesthetics and ended up being synonymous with older and less popular design styles. More and more remodels opted to remove awnings as a way to update the look of buildings and make them appear more modern, resulting in a slow but steady decline in awning popularity.

Advantages of Awnings

Even though they were becoming less popular year after year, awnings still carried some significant advantages.

  • Provide shade over windows and glass panels in doors

  • Help to cut back on cooling costs during the summer months

  • Block rain and other unwanted precipitation when coming or going or trying to lock or unlock the door.

  • Serve as a decorative purpose; like decorative shutters, space for color or patterns

  • Larger awnings (retractable ones) create shaded areas outdoors

  • Easier to grill or lounge outside regardless heat or rain weather

  • Bug-free outdoor space that you can enter and exit easily

While some consider awnings to be a dated look, awnings themselves have actually come a long way since so many people disliked their appearance. Awnings are made from waterproof canvas or other cloth materials, providing a more stylish look that can be printed on or otherwise modified to better accent your home.

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