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Basement Heating Options

If you’ve chosen to turn your home’s basement into a separate living space whether it’s a game room, movie lounge, or man cave you may have discovered the challenges of keeping the room warm. Luckily, there are different basement heating options, so you can find the combination that works best for your home and budget.

You may be able to insulate and keep your basement warmer without adding additional heat sources. Simply making the area more energy-efficient, may be all that you need. Insulating the basement will make it more comfortable in the summer as well.

Energy-Efficient Methods to Heat Your Basement

  • Add or Replace Carpet

  • Install Additional Insulation

  • Replace Windows and Doors

  • Inspect For Leaks

Warm Your Basement by Adding Extra Heat

  • Heated Flooring

  • Additional Heat Vents

  • Use Space Heaters

  • Install Baseboard Heaters

  • Try a Natural Gas Infrared Heater

  • Use Fireplaces

When you’re installing your heating components, make sure to consult with a licensed contractor to ensure that you’re following safety protocols and meeting your local building codes.

Staying warm in the winter can be simple. With just a few upgrades, you can continue to enjoy your basement during the colder months, regardless of how low the temperatures get!

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