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Corner Cabinets

What are corner cabinets?

Corner cabinets are designed to make use of the space in a corner. Since most kitchens and bathrooms follow an L-shaped or rectangular layout, you’ll need to deal with at least one corner space during your remodel. The perpendicular doors, walls, and the difficulty of reaching into deep cabinets means that corner cabinets require a different configuration than traditional cabinets.

3 Problems that Corners Create for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Unfortunately, many corner cabinets simply follow the shape of the layout instead of optimizing it. Kitchen cabinet corners, whether they are walls (upper) or bases (lower) naturally create design issues when scarcity of space meets the geometry of most homes.

As a result, corner cabinets can create several problems:

They are too deep to reach into

Corners tend to be deeper than the cabinets on their side. For instance, base cabinets tend to be 24” deep, while the corner cabinet can be 34” deep

They are too dark to see inside

Since they’re much deeper than other cabinets, corner cabinets tend to be too dark inside, especially for base corners.

They can be inaccessible

It’s hard to reach into corner cabinets in any direction. Reach into the darker sides, and it’s hard to see what you’re looking for. Try to reach straight to the back, and it’s often too deep to get what you need. Because of this, most people choose to ignore corner cabinets during a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Eventually, it becomes a dumping ground of things you rarely use. It’s not unusual to find expired canned or boxed goods, oiled toiletries, and obscure kitchen tools in corner cabinets. Worse, unused corner cabinets can be a breeding ground for pests who love the dark space and the presence of food. If you have a base corner cabinet with a leaking sink, it can be ground zero for mold and mildew.

Transform Corner Cabinets into a Statement Piece

Want to infuse more elegance into your kitchen or bathroom? Consider turning your wall corner cabinet into a curio cabinet.

For a classic option, traditional and modern mullion doors add another level of sophistication to wall corner cabinets.

If you have some items you’d like to display, such as gorgeous china or bath décor, our cut glass for doors is the perfect option. You can replace the center panel with the style of glass you want for your corner cabinet.

Turn Corner Cabinets into Organizational Masterpieces

To optimize every square inch of that precious corner space, we’ve designed several organization options for our corner cabinets:

Lazy Susan

With a Lazy Susan in your corner cabinet, it only takes one gentle spin to reach everything you need. You can choose among pie-cut and pull-out trays for maximum customization.

Roll-Out Trays

No need to strain your back trying to get an ingredient or kitchen tool. With roll-out trays, just slide out the drawer and find what you’re looking for with ease.

Cabinet Dividers

Don’t let your corner cabinet devolve into clutter! Use cabinet dividers to keep organized, whether you want to arrange lids, cutting boards, cookie sheets, and other items.

Trash Pull-Out

Got all the storage you need with your other kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Corner cabinets also make for excellent trash pullouts. You get to save space and keep trash in one place using trash pull-outs.

Everyday Tips to Maximize Your Corner Cabinets

Once you have those beautiful and organized corner cabinets in place, it’s time to learn how to make the most of them. Learning how to use your corner cabinets efficiently will save you time in the kitchen and bathroom. Keep these expert tips in mind:

Use base corner cabinets for appliances.

Bottom corner cabinets are usually big enough to hold bulkier items. That makes them an excellent garage for appliances like slow cookers and blenders. Instead of letting these take space on your countertops, park them in corner cabinets for space efficiency.

Contain your recyclables in corner cabinets.

Don’t want to use your corner cabinet as a trash receptacle? Designate them as a recycling station instead. Corner cabinets are perfectly situated for recycling purposes – rinsing the item then placing it in the pull-out is a breeze.

Never overfill.

Resist the urge to load your corner cabinets with anything and everything you don’t have a place for. This increases the likelihood of forgetting what’s in there, or making a bigger mess when you try to get something from the back and the rest of the contents spill out.

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