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Your homes curb appeal is the same as the cover of a book, we know this is where the judgement begins. Lets make sure that your book is presenting the right message. Here are the top, low cost, ways to get the most positive attention

  • Fresh coat of paint on your front door

  • Power wash your siding, front porch, deck, etc

  • Mow your lawn!!!

  • Fresh mulch in any flower beds

  • Trim those bushes!!!

  • If your shutters are faded, paint them or get new ones

Once you get it all spruced up and ready to go, take a slow drive by your own house and be sure that your house number is BIG and noticeable. Nothing worse then doing all this work to prepare and a buyer not being able to figure out which house is for sale.

Use these categories

  • Spoftscaping - clean pots and containers, shape shrubbery, plant colorful annuals, weed beds and discard dead plants,

  • Hardscaping - water features, deck and patio surfaces, walkways, decorative or boundary fencing

  • Decorative Accessories - outdoor furniture, rugs, pillows, and coffee tables

  • Entryway - porches, freshly painted doors, upgrade on decks, luxurious plants, colorful flowers are appealing to the buyers.

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