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Energy Saving Tips

These simple habits, easy home improvements, and smart buying tips can add up to considerable energy savings over time. Skeptical? Give them a try. Let your energy bill speak for itself.

Year Round

  • Wash clothes in cold water-washing clothes in hot water may increase your energy bill

  • Use a dry towel with every wet load-this will decrease drying time for your wash load

  • Adjust your blinds

  • Unplug electrical devices when you leave a room

  • Choose energy saving light bulbs

  • Use an electronic power strip for your electric equipment

  • Hire a professional to maintain your heating and cooling systems


  • Service your air conditioner

  • Set Thermostat to a comfortable setting like 78 degrees F

  • Open Windows

  • Close all doors while the AC is running

  • Make sure the vents are not being blocked by furniture

  • Use Ceiling Fans

  • Cook Outside

  • Bring in Sunlight

Winter Months

  • Set the Thermostat-install and set a programmable thermostat, save money by reducing the temperature below 70 degrees F

  • Keep your heat pumps at a constant setting

  • Install Window Treatments-install window kits to help keep out the cold air and keep the warm air inside

  • Change air filters monthly-this will keep it more comfortable inside the home

  • Keep fireplace airtight- this way you won't lose heat more than you generate

  • Caulk Air Leaks

  • Seal/insulate duct work

  • Weatherize your home-use weather stripping on your windows, leaks in doors

  • Switch on Bathroom Fans

  • Lower your water heaters temperature and install low- flow shower heads

  • Dust or vacuum radiators

  • Install storm doors and windows

Another great thing is certain utility companies also may offer energy efficient assessments please check with your current provider for details and information!

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