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Fall is here!

There is no better time to prepare your yard and lawn for spring. Several tasks need to be accomplished before you start the growing season to give your yard the boost it needs. Following a few simple steps will ensure your yard is vibrant all spring and summer long. Here are some ideas:

1. Rake Your Lawn

You may not consider raking after all the leaves have fallen, but it is a good idea to rake over your lawn before the end of fall. Raking lifts dead grasses off the lawn and gives your yard a better chance to breathe and get ready for springtime regrowth.

2. Aerate

It is wise to take this time to get the soil ready, too. Aerating helps unpack the dirt after a year of natural compaction. Raking handles the surface and removes dead grass and leaves, while aeration digs a little deeper.

3. Assess the Soil

You can take your soil sample to a local Cooperative Extension Office. This is a free national scientific resource that can provide information on your soil. You can also look for moss growth on the grass.

4. Overseed Bare or Light Patches

If you have bare or sparse patches of grass, throw down some extra seed. Overseeding means putting seed over existing grass to help it germinate, not putting too much seed down. Fall is considered the best time for this task, but if you see bare patches, then just go for it.

5. Spread Fertilizer

Like people, plants also need food. The best food for your grass is fertilizer. You can choose a natural fertilizer, but some chemical options are available at your local garden center too. Spring is a good time for light feeding.

6. Maintain Your Mower

Before the first lawn-mowing session of the year, be sure your lawnmower is in good working order. There is nothing worse than discovering a problem halfway through mowing the yard. Give your mower a tune-up if it is struggling, or you may want to invest in buying a new one.

Fall is the perfect time and can be the perfect weather to get your lawn and yard ready for the spring!

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