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Guest Bathroom Face-Lifts

There are countless ways to quickly upgrade your bathroom’s appearance and make it enjoyable for you and for your guests. To start with, try these easy face-lifts and notice the difference immediately!

Pick a Theme

  • A theme is an easy way to tie all of your bathroom details together without changing too much around. Add some key details (like a sailboat picture for a nautical theme, or some shells for a coastal theme) and a basic color theme, and voila!

Update Your Shower Curtain

  • Whether it’s collecting mold, getting dingy, or just out of date, your shower curtain is easily replaced and makes a huge difference in your bathroom’s appearance. Get a fresh new style or color, or get a plain jane curtain and paint or stencil the look that’s right for you!

Add Some Wall Decor

  • Use some framed photographs or a colorful sign made from repurposed wood, or a vintage clock.

Make Toiletries Part of Decor

  • Provide basic toiletries, like soap, cotton swabs and cotton balls, to ensure that your guests feel taken care of. Then find a cute way to display them.

Get Some Good-Looking Towel Storage

  • It’s important to always have fresh, clean towels, so make sure you’ve got the storage space. Adding some antique hooks or an industrial bar is a quick and convenient upgrade for your bathroom.

Bring in Scents

  • Guests will immediately feel more comfortable in a new place if it’s inviting to their senses. Make your own potpourri or air diffuser to sit atop your toilet tank, counter or shelf, and freshen up the room.

Add Some Leaves and Greenery

  • Bring color and vibrancy into your bathroom with small potted plants and succulent terrariums.

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