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Ideas To Refresh Your Home Decor

  1. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way-one neutral color throughout for a good flow

  2. Change your accent colors by season

  3. Add a front door wreath-to the outside of your door AND the inside of your door!!!

  4. Swap out an area rug

  5. Remove old blinds and add curtains-but keep them open for that natural light!!!

  6. Add a few plants (if you don't have a green thumb use fake plants)

  7. Layer candles of different heights for the look…you don't have to light them

  8. Hang a piece of statement art

  9. Refresh your furniture with some new throw pillows

  10. Try a wallpaper accent on one wall

You Should:

  • Highlight a focal point such as a fireplace or window, arrange the furniture framing the feature.

  • Provide ample space for foot traffic between furniture pieces.

  • Carefully choose coffee and side tables for functionality and fashion (placed at arms length for ease of use.)

  • Add small bursts of color- like throw pillows, paintings, and flowers.

  • Re-imagine your room layouts- furniture should be spread out by leaving a huge space in the middle of the room. The arrangement should encourage conversation and coziness.

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