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Installing Home Insulation

Insulation helps your home retain heat in the winter and helps stay cool in the summer. It comes in many forms, however, some people don't know where you should check the insulation and reinforce it when necessary. What is the best insulation to use, you may ask. Here are a few simple things that can help you when buying or improving your home:

Unfinished attic spaces

Heat rises, and your house needs attic insulation. Be sure to use the correct R-value, meaning, (resistance-to-heat flow), for your home and climate. Insulation in the attic should have a higher R-value than insulation elsewhere in the home. Talk to an expert at any home improvement store who can help you decide what kind of insulation you will need in your home.

Exterior walls

Exterior walls should have consistent insulation because they generally use a lower R-value than the attic and roof. Insulated walls will keep the heat in during the winter and help the house stay cool in the summer.

Floors above cold spaces

Insulation should be used anywhere in your home where the floor is over a cold space, for example, an unfinished basement. Insulation can be installed from below, between the joists, to keep your floors warm and your feet from freezing.


Be sure to insulate your ductwork, this will keep your heating and cooling systems efficient. This also helps the heat reach the vents without additional dissipation. Talk to a professional HVAC installer about the right insulation and proper maintenance.

Overview of types of insulation

Each one may have a different use within your house and can be used together. For example, fiberglass batts are suitable for spaces you may need to access, such as the roof. Foam insulation, which is generally sprayed in during construction, is excellent for walls and around windows and doors.

Three common types of home insulation:

  • Fiberglass

  • Cellulose

  • Foam

Home insulation is paramount to the proper heating and cooling of a home. Insulation in a newer or custom-built house is usually high quality, insulation in an older home wears with age. If worn insulation is not replaced, the electricity bill could be significantly high, you will have a cold house in winter or a sauna during the summer.

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