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Local Plant Nurseries

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to shopping for plants. While you can purchase a number of plants online, most of them come from local garden centers. Still, there’s nothing more satisfying than actually strolling through a plant nursery where you can take in all the beauty and touch the plants.

Local vs. Big Box Garden Center

Many of those big box stores, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, with garden centers offer huge savings BUT they’re not always the best option. Keep in mind that you “get what you pay for.” If you’re an experienced gardener, you may easily be able to nurse that marked-down, yellowing plant back to health from the brink of death, but what if you’re new to gardening?

Maybe you come across those special end-of-season deals with loads of flowering bulbs for sale. How many do you really need? Better yet, when should you plant them? What soil will they require? Do they sell the proper soil? What about mulch? Got to have that too, right? Oooh, and look at that beautiful tropical plant over there. Can I grow that in my garden too?

As a beginner, you might be out of luck when it comes to finding the answers you need BEFORE you make that purchase. Oftentimes, salespeople in the larger big box stores have limited knowledge about gardening. You may even be hard-pressed to find someone readily available to help you load up your cart with those heavy bags of mulch you need. And when shopping online, there’s usually no one to help you there either. You may not have to do any back-breaking lifting, but you won’t have that one-on-one assistance for all those gardening questions floating through your mind. Like many big box garden centers, they may seem to have lots of flowers, shrubs, and other plants available, but they’re usually purchased in bulk at wholesale prices. Little care is provided, hence that dying plant is now on clearance, and it’s no biggie if some of them don’t thrive – they’ll just get more. So how are small nurseries better?

Local Nursery Benefits

First, at a local garden center, not only are the people working there more than happy to assist you, but they’re far more knowledgeable about gardening in general and the plants you’re interested in. They also normally sell plants well suited to your area and are more familiar with pests and diseases.

Got questions? Ask away. Need help loading all those plants or bags of potting soil or mulch? Not a problem. There’s usually always someone around to help with anything you need. Local plant nurseries are hands-on. They often grow the plants themselves or obtain them through local growers, and provide essential care along the way. They want their plants to look their best so they will thrive in your garden space. In fact, having plants in stock that are hardy to your climate, even native, means they are more likely to remain healthy once you buy them. When you shop locally, you’re also keeping more money in your own community. And buying fresher plants means less of a carbon footprint since the growers are nearby. The benefits of shopping locally pay off in the long run, even if you have to initially pay more for the plants. You’ll be able to get those one-on-one answers before you buy along with tips on what your plants need to thrive.

Local Nurseries

Charles County, MD

Hidden Acres Nursery

Address: Old Farm Rd, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Closed on Sundays

Wintergreen Landscape Nursery

Address: 5405 Leonardtown Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601

Closed on Sundays

Phone: (301) 392-0660

Abby Farms Wholesale Nursery

Address: 1711 Accokeek Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601

Closed on Sundays

Phone: (301) 782-9077

Saint Mary’s County, MD

Wentworth Nursery

Address: 41170 Oakville Rd, Mechanicsville, MD 20659

Phone: (301) 373-9245

Green Acres Nursery

Address: 40700 Parsons Mill Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Closed on Sundays

Meadows Farms Nurseries and Landscape

Address: 40910 Merchants Ln, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Phone: (301) 475-1500

Calvert County, MD

Cardinal Creek Plant Farm Inc

Address: 5180 Sixes Rd, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Closed on Mondays

Phone: (443) 486-4769

Wentworth Nursery

Address: 1700 Solomons Island Rd S, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Phone: (410) 535-3664

Loch Less Farm

Address: 8233 Pushaw Station Rd, Owings, MD 20736

Phone: (301) 257-7012

Prince George’s County, MD

Ed’s Plant World

Address: 11811 Branch Ave, Brandywine, MD 20613

Phone: (301) 372-6690

Brandywine Growers LLC

Address: 4318 Danville Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613

Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Phone: (301) 782-4477

Patuxent Nursery

Address: 2410 Crain Hwy, Bowie, MD 20716

Phone: (301) 218-4769

Anne Arundel County, MD

Homestead Gardens

Address: 743 W Central Ave, Davidsonville, MD 21035

Phone: (410) 798-5000

Arnold Farms

Address: 1355 Ritchie Hwy, Arnold, MD 21012

Phone: (410) 544-7573

Windwood Gardens

Address: 20 Old Solomons Island Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: (410) 224-3163

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