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Pest Inspections

We all love to open up our home to guests. However, if they have six legs, antennae and wings or beady eyes and like to burrow into the walls, you might want to look into getting a pest inspection before your house can sell. Signs of an infestation or conditions that make you vulnerable to pests, such as wood rot and moisture, aren’t identifiable with an untrained eye. That’s why buyers and lenders often request a pest inspection before closing.

These nasty critters are a very common existence here in the Mid-Atlantic. Nonetheless, it’s best to nip pest problems in the bud with a professional pest inspection that will identify any issues and their solutions, whether it be monthly treatments or a one-time spray, for peace of mind. Don’t fight buyers on who pays for what, just fix any problems so you can move on.

What to expect from the pest inspection

The inspection itself can last as little as 30 minutes but takes longer depending on the size of your home and if you have any crawl spaces, a basement, or an attic. During a pest inspection, an inspector checks the exterior and interior of your property for any signs of infestation, damage, or areas that are attractive to pests. The pest inspector is going to inspect every single point they can access.

This can involve taking moisture readings with a meter and looking for other signs, such as:

  • mud tubes (small tunnels that subterranean termites build to access food)

  • piles of wings

  • damaged wood (crushed joints; sounds hollow when tapped)

  • moist wood (a moisture content above 28%, indicating wood-destroying fungi)

  • bubbling and buckled paint

  • gnawed wiring

  • droppings, especially from mice

A pest control company has the training and expertise to not only identify the problems but advise on the best solutions.

Who Pays for the Pest Inspection?

On average, a pest inspection costs about $100, although it can range from $30 to more than $200, depending on the company, financing, location and the contract details.

Do you need a Pest Inspection?

It is always recommended and It could be a contingency for your financing.

Discussing pests is admittedly a skin-crawling topic but that’s why you have a top real estate agent to consult with, who can bring in a pest control company that treats clients' pest issue.

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