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Planning Ahead To Move Into Your New Home

Moving today is much more complicated, however; not only do we often have to deal with closing on a new house while selling the old one, but we also have families to consider, utilities to switch over, mail to forward, and a lot more stuff to move in general. And it seems like no matter how much you try to plan ahead, there’s always something you forgot to do, a utility you neglected to cancel, or other issues you didn’t think about beforehand.

Start planning your move early

  • Deciding what to move and what not to move. Possibly plan a garage sale, you'll have extra cash and less to move!

  • Get estimates from several moving companies/ truck rental companies

  • Figure out how much help you will need to help you move

  • Eliminate overflow

  • Arrange transfer of children's school records (if applicable)

  • Draw up a floor plan of where your furniture should be placed (less confusion for you and the movers!)

  • Prepare food for moving day

  • Purchase sturdy moving boxes and lots of packing tape

Don’t Forget To

  • Cancel or transfer your monthly subscription orders, newspapers, etc.

  • Coordinate the transfer of gas, electric, water, and sewer with the next occupant of your old home, as well as with the previous owner of your next home to avoid lapses and reconnection expenses

  • Make arrangements for transporting your plants and pets

  • Transfer insurance policies or arrange for new policies

  • Gather all valuables; jewelry, important papers( birth certificates, deeds, documents)

  • Purchase moving insurance, your movers liability for lost or damaged goods will not equal their replacement costs

  • Appraise valuable items, such as, antiques, art pieces, etc

  • Fill out change of address forms

Before you move contact the following companies


  • Electric

  • Telephone

  • Water

  • Cable

  • Gas

Insurance Companies:

  • Accidental

  • Auto

  • Health

  • Home

  • Life

  • Renters


  • IRS

  • Post Office

  • Schools

  • State Licensing

  • Library


  • Magazines

  • Newspaper

Professional Services:

  • Broker

  • Accountant

  • Doctor

  • Dentist

  • Lawyer

Business Accounts:

  • Banks

  • Cellular Phone

  • Department Stores

  • Finance Companies/Credit Cards

  • Veterans Administration


  • Health & Fitness

  • Country Clubs


  • Churches

  • Drug Store

  • Dry Cleaner

  • Hair Salons

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