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Reasons to Buy in the Fall

The fall season is usually full of major changes. Many young people return to school, football season begins in full swing and the overall climate makes a change with cooler temperatures and vibrant colors. Over the last few years, the fall season has also become a popular time to sell a home. While spring remains the most popular season for selling a home, there are plenty of reasons to try and buy a property in the Autumn of the year. Listed below, learn the 9 reasons to buy a home in the fall!

Fewer Buyers In The Fall

Since spring is indeed the most popular time to buy or sell a home, many people list their homes on the market from March to July. This means a lot of homes will be bought and sold, reducing the overall number of available homes as the summer months march on. When autumn finally arrives, the majority of people who are interested in buying a home have likely found their ideal property. This means that the number of buyers competing to buy the same home will be fewer.

Staying Safe is Easier

While Spring and summer are popular months for buying and selling homes, it is also popular for thieves. Lots of homes empty for open house showings or late evening showings make an ideal ground for burglars.

In the fall, the number of thefts typically drops off. This means you have a smaller chance of encountering a thief or buying a home that was recently burglarized.

You Will Get More Attention

There are several agencies or service providers involved in the sale of a home. There are real estate agents, mortgage lenders, property appraisers, closing attorneys, property insurance agents, and surveyors just to mention a few. When lots of homes are being sold in the spring and summer months, these people become busy and may not be able to provide adequate attention to each and every client.

However, in the fall, this is not the case. Fewer transactions mean you will be able to easily get in touch with your lender and real estate agent to get your questions answered. It also means that it will be a bit easier to schedule the various appointments for a home showing, appraisals, and the loan closing.

Sellers Will Entertain Your Offer

There are 2 types of people selling a home in the fall: (1) homes that did not sell earlier in the year and (2) people that REALLY need to sell a home.

The homes that didn’t sell may have been priced too high, or there was an issue with the property that has been fixed, or perhaps the market just had too many other homes for sale. Whatever the reason, these sellers are tired of listing their homes and more willing to entertain a reasonable offer.

The people that REALLY need to sell a home usually have a pressing reason for wanting to move. Perhaps they have received a promotion that is forcing them to a new area. Or maybe they were building a home that took longer than anticipated and now the new place is ready for move-in. Whatever the case, these sellers are also ready to listen when a willing buyer comes along with a decent price proposal.

The Pending Holidays Can Work in Your Favor

Many people enjoy decorating their homes for the fall holidays. Lavish Halloween decorations, colorful Thanksgiving layouts, and then the ever-popular trend of getting a home ready for Christmas are very important to lots of people. Some sellers may be willing to take a lower price on their home if it means you are buying the property soon and allowing them to get their new home ready for decorating. It also means that YOU will be moved in and enjoy your new home when the holidays roll around.

Outfitting a Home May Be Cheaper

Buying a home can mean other major purchases for many first time home buyers. Large items such as kitchen appliances, lawn equipment, and laundry equipment can quickly add up to a lot of money. The months from September to November are ideal times to purchase these big-ticket items since most of them go on sale during this time. If you also need to re-carpet or re-paint the home, it can also be a good time to save on labor for these services.

Sellers are Tired

As previously mentioned, some of the sellers that you will encounter in the fall originally listed their home for sale in the Spring or Summer. By the time September and October arrive, the sellers are tired. They are tired of getting their hopes up, tired of vacating their home so that an agent can show the property, and tired of keeping the place spotless in hopes that the next person to view the place will be THE buyer.

For this reason, sellers are more willing to negotiate. Things like the price, making small repairs and even the closing time can be modified to your best interest.

Summing Up Reasons To Buy A Home In The Fall

Hopefully, we have made a compelling argument for reasons to buy a home in the fall months. With lower prices, fewer competitors, and more individualized attention from agents, this can be an ideal time for you to purchase a home.

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