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When it comes to showing your house, first impressions are very important! If you’re looking for a conventional buyer, and if you want to encourage multiple offers, avoiding showings isn’t really an option. Sight-unseen sales are extremely rare, unless you’re dealing with international or out-of-town buyers.

Whether you’re looking forward to showing off your home to potential buyers or dreading the process, here’s how to show a home for sale.


  • When there is an open house scheduled make sure you are out of the house on time for people to come and look at the house and property.

  • Make the bed

  • Clean the rooms

  • Hide your GUNS!!!!

  • Get rid of trash cans

  • Hide your clutter.

Don’t leave things out that can be a distraction for the buyers like jewelry, money, anything you don't want someone to touch....


  • Come on time to the houses

  • Take your shoes off even if their is not a sign, be mindful

  • Don't use the house bathroom

  • Don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you

  • Open cabinets and drawers, but remember you’re buying the house not the sellers items

  • Make sure there's no evidence of you when you leave the house

Sellers, if the house is staged properly and it is priced right, then the house will not be active for long and your house will sell!!! Buyer’s, common courtesy is not so common sometimes but be mindful that the people’s home you are viewing are trusting you with their house. You should not touch any of their belongings and be respectful of the seller’s personal items. Remember you're buying the house not the sellers things in the house!!!!

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