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Staging Tips for Autumn

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. We love the crisp, beautiful weather, the changing colors, and the fun holidays. It’s also a great time to sell your home.

Incorporating seasonal touches into your home staging is a smart way to engage buyers’ imaginations and help them picture themselves living there. Most people get excited about the change in seasons, which is why you see so many brands and businesses roll out special decor and offers during each season to take advantage of what people are interested in. You can do the same thing when selling your home.

Try these simple home staging tips for fall to tap into buyers’ excitement for the season and feel more positively toward your home:

1. Maintain Your Curb Appeal

Keeping your lawn trimmed and maintained is an important part of preparing your home for sale during any time of year. During the fall season, though, the leaves start falling and it can require a bit more maintenance to keep your curb appeal looking polished.

Be sure to keep the leaves raked and replace any off-season plants with seasonal ones so there aren’t any dead plants or empty spots in your garden. After a long summer, you might need to replace mulch and any other wear-and-tear, too.

2. Keep Holiday Décor Appropriate and to a Minimum

We love holiday decorating, but too many can be a turn-off to buyers when they’re house hunting. Not only do they distract from the house itself, but they can also offend some buyers if they have different beliefs or views on the holidays.

While your house is on the market, keep the holiday decor to a tasteful minimum and stick with themes that are neutral. Using decor from nature is a great way to incorporate some seasonal flair that is appropriate for all audiences.

3. Accent with Fall Colors

Another great, subtle way to bring a touch of the season into your home is by bringing in some fall colors. We always recommend neutralizing your entire home’s palette and then accenting it with some color, so for fall home staging, use warmer colors as your accents. Colors like dark red, burnt orange, dark green, and golds are all lovely options.

4. Incorporate Seasonal Scents

Don’t underestimate the sense of smell when selling your home. A subtle hint of fall scents can help buyers get into the spirit of the season and feel more at home. Cinnamon sticks are a great choice to place around the house. Just don’t use too many or else the scent will have the opposite effect that you want if it’s too strong.

5. Add Cozy Accents

Add some extra pillows to the sofa, armchairs and beds to make each space feel extra cozy. Choose pillows in seasonal fabrics like knit and faux fur or warm, seasonal colors. Throws are also nice to toss over the foot of the bed or the arm of the sofa to add that extra touch of comfort. If you have a fireplace, stack some wood beside it to help buyers imagine using it during the fall and winter seasons. These touches are all subtle but can have a big impact on where buyers’ imaginations will go while touring your home.

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