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Summer Home Maintenance Projects

Summer is the time to fire up the grill, plan beach or pool days, and enjoy an iced beverage while the kids play. With so many fun activities to plan, home maintenance and repair are likely not on the top of your weekend to-do list. But tackling a summer home maintenance checklist early in the season can save you headaches and unnecessary repairs in later months.

Indoor Maintenance

1. Clean, inspect, and rotate ceiling fans

Fans become vital in keeping cool air circulating through your home as the temperature climbs. This increase in use can also cause added wear and tear to the units.

Ensure your fans remain dust-free to keep the air inside your home as fresh as possible. Give them a thorough inspection—looking out for bent or loose blades, excessive wobbling (more than ⅛ inch), or a damaged motor.

Also be sure to switch your fans to a counterclockwise rotation, as opposed to clockwise in the winter. A counterclockwise rotation pushes cool air towards the floor, keeping the temperature in the room up to 8 degrees cooler and saving you money on additional air conditioning costs.

2. Change air conditioner filter

The frequency in which you change your A/C filter varies on several factors, including the type of filter, household size, pets, and allergies. When homeowners forget to change their filter before the summertime, they often get fooled into thinking their HVAC system has stopped working altogether.

Air conditioning use increases during the summer months, so be sure to change your filter at the beginning of the season. This will ensure the cleanest and coolest air flow possible, as well as help to increase the lifespan of your unit.

3. Inspect windows and doors for leaks

Energy efficiency is a great goal for any homeowner to reduce bills and help the environment. Nobody wants to run the A/C only for the cool air to escape outside. Resealing windows and doors, or performing any necessary repairs can help keep cool air in and your energy bill lower. Modernize recommends connecting with a professional contractor to have them inspect and reseal windows and doors as needed before summer begins.

4. Clean vents and air ducts

Dryer vents, kitchen ventilation systems, kitchen fans, and HVAC air ducts all require occasional upkeep to improve air circulation and prevent them from overworking. With many home appliances and systems already working a little harder in the summer months, this is the ideal time to clean and inspect these vent systems to prevent damage.

5. Test smoke detectors

A smoke detector system is normally a preventative tool for homeowners, but regular upkeep is absolutely necessary to reduce risk. Home systems are more likely to overheat in the summer months, so use this time to inspect your smoke detectors and replace batteries. If the smoke detector is more than ten years old, replace the entire system.

Now that indoor appliances and systems have been inspected and repaired as needed, the next part of the summer home improvement checklist concerns the outside of your home.

Outdoor Maintenance

1. Have A/C serviced

There’s nothing worse than coming home on a hot, summer day to a broken A/C system. Not only is this a major inconvenience and a financial headache, it can also be unsafe if you live in an extremely hot climate. Hiring a professional to inspect the air conditioning system and perform any necessary maintenance can save you a headache—and some money—later on.

2. Inspect home siding

Summer and the months leading up to it can take a toll on the outside of your home—spring storms, pollen, bird droppings, sap, etc. Inspect your home’s siding for any damage and conduct the necessary repairs or cleaning. In addition to adding some curb appeal, this maintenance will help better ensure your home is ready to stand against the elements for as long as possible.

3. Check fencing

Much like home siding, fencing can take a beating in the spring and summer months. Spot repairs can help make sure you won’t be replacing fencing any time soon.

4. Clean the gutters

We know, cleaning gutters is perhaps one of the most dreaded summer home maintenance projects, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing it! Summer storms can cause debris to collect in gutter systems, potentially damaging them if not addressed.

Cleaning the gutters can help ensure rainwater flows properly from your roof and protect your home’s exterior from water damage during the summer. If you detect a good deal of damage when checking your gutter system, contact a professional to see whether you need to replace your gutter system.

5. Pressure wash

Giving the exterior features of your home a thorough pressure wash can add some curb appeal pop and help protect your investments. During the summer, consider pressure washing your driveway, deck, sidewalk, porch, and siding.

6. Perform landscaping maintenance

Regular lawn care can make you the envy of the neighborhood and ward off pesky insects. Larger landscaping projects like tree trimming can protect your home from damage during summer storms.

Be sure to inspect every area in your lawn and outdoor space to make sure it’s looking its best and not putting your home at risk.

7. Inspect for bugs

People aren’t the only ones enjoying the warm weather! With summer comes an uptick in bugs and other animals. While some insects like mosquitoes are a nuisance, others like fleas, ticks, and termites can cause serious problems. Proper landscaping can help reduce bugs, but having a professional inspect the home for any unsuspecting insects or invading critters is always a great idea.

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