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Things TO do for your listing photos

Thanks for hiring the radiant home group to list your home. Everyone knows that buyers believe everything they see on the internet. This is also true when they are looking at homes. We spend a lot of money on an amazing professional photographer who will do everything in his power to be sure your home is presented in the best light. We need you to do your part as well

  • Clean your house...I’m not your mom but I will absolutely tell you to make your bed and pick up your dirty clothes.

  • Remove all an internet search for model homes one of the reasons they all look so attractive is because there is no junk!!

  • Replace any and all burned out and faded light bulbs with fresh bulbs that all match

  • Shampoo any floor areas that are stained or dirty

  • Hide all of your remotes

  • Remove all things from your countertops

  • Raise all blinds and open all window treatments to let in that natural sunlight

  • Remove all small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring

  • Remove everything from showers if open view

  • Hide all toilet products such as cleaning brush, plunger, and small trash cans

  • Hide everything related to pets

This is your one and only chance to make that first impression….help us help you!!! If you have questions… take a picture and compare it to a model home. Does it look the same...if so, you’re good! ;)

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