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Things to know when buying a home that is For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

This is exactly what it sounds like, a homeowner is selling their home by themselves, without the help or representation of a professional Real Estate Agent. The process of buying a house can feel overwhelming already, when buying a home FSBO it can be a little more complicated. It is important to know rights and obligations which may differ from county to county or city to city. Without having a listing agent, that seller may negotiate with you as a buyer directly, this might give you more room to negotiate or that seller may be emotional about their home and not be able to separate the business from that emotion. The owner has the most information about the property and the neighborhood. However the home owner may not have much knowledge about what their home is really worth or what they have to disclose about their home.

You, as a buyer, have certain rights, and the seller has certain obligations. The most important thing is to make sure YOU have proper representation. I (your amazing Real Estate Agent) can walk you through all this. I will help you with contracts… I will help you find a professional home inspector… I will help you find a brilliant lender… I will help you find a fabulous title company… I will help you every step of the way!!

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