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Title Insurance

When property is sold or refinanced, the lender and /or buyer needs a preliminary title report to see exactly what liens and encumbrances are against the property.

Items that a preliminary title report show include:

  • Easements Of Record

  • Restrictions

  • Covenants

  • Conditions

  • Liens and / or Judgements

  • Exact Vested Owner of Record

  • Legal Description

Title insurance offers protection against past occurrences which could result in a claim at a future date. Coverage continues in effect for so long as you have an interest in the covered property. If you should die, the coverage will automatically continue for the benefit of your heirs. If you sell your property, giving warranties of title to your buyer, your coverage will continue. If a buyer gives you a mortgage to finance a purchase of covered property from you, your coverage continues to protect your security interest in the property. Title insurance provides the insured with “peace of mind” in knowing that you are receiving good title to the real estate you are purchasing.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Without an owner's title insurance policy, you may not be fully protected against errors in the public records, hidden defects not disclosed by the public records, or mistakes made during the examination of the title of your new property. As a result, you may be held fully accountable for any liens, judgements or claims brought against your new property. However, your owner's title policy ensures that if such an occasion arises, you will be defended, free of charge against all covered claims and paid up to the amount of the policy to settle valid claims.

Title Overview:

  1. Title work will be ordered from a local abstractor who will conduct a 60-year search in land records

  2. Attorney will do a 12- year judgement search ensuring no judgements

  3. Survey will be ordered (location drawing or boundary survey)

  4. Letters will be sent to buyers and sellers requesting pertinent information

  5. Check on open water bills

  6. Confirm HOA/Condo

  7. Check on front foot fees

  8. Handles Escrows

  9. Provide HUD

  10. Works for lender, not Realtor, buyer or seller

  11. Will review lender packet

  12. Monies needed at closing should be WIRED prior to settlement

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